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Performance Risk Services


Risk Management Service

SMS provides internal audit, internal control & risk management services that are designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. We help organizations accomplish their objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.
Our approach is based on the COSO Enterprise Risk Management-Integrated Framework. We design internal audit programs based on your specific needs. 
The outsourcing or co-sourcing of the internal audit functions to Internal Audit Solutions provides your company with:
⇒      An efficient and effective audit approach
⇒      An experienced team with substantial knowledge of internal controls 
 ⇒      Value-added advice to manage risks
SMS Risk Management services includes:
⇒      Outsourced Internal Audits

⇒      Co-Sourced Internal Audits

⇒      Evaluation Of Internal Audit Departments

⇒      Assessment Of Internal Control

     Development, Evaluation & Assessment Of:

⇒      Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) 
⇒      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

     Corporate Governance
Cost & Management Accounting Services
Cost containment, Cost reduction, and downsizing are complicated well In times of rapid processes. If these solutions are not done correctly, they may cause growth it is very easy for more severe problems than they were supposed to solve. These strategies require careful experience, planning, and proper implementation.
Most of these processes cause apprehension in management and required during mergers employees alike. Most cost containment programs are accepted easier and obtain better results when created and implemented by outside Companies that specialize in these strategies. 
SMS's Cost Controlling and Management Solutions provide professional insight of the costing structure. Some of the salient features include:
⇒      Cost Audit

⇒      Costing Model

⇒      Costing Structure & Aspect Re-engineering
There are times when Cost Management and Cost Control are required, even when things are going well. In times of rapid growth, it is very easy for costs to get out of control. Cost containment  is also required during mergers and acquisitions. This a sensitive time and costs often get out of control very quickly. There many other reasons for cost containment including just wanting to increase your bottom line and make your business lean and efficient.
Asset Management Services
It is important to find the best Way to utilize your company's finances and assets to maximize its bottom line. This process involves research, analysis, risk assessment, due diligence and others. We provide all the necessary services required to make sure you are using your company's assets and finances in the most profitable manner.
Our scope of work includes:
⇒      Asset Management, Utilization, Planning, Allocation, Disposition, Placement & Policy Review

⇒      Asset Protection Strategy Development & Needs Assessment

⇒      Resource Management & Location Placement.

⇒      Finance Management, Planning & Protection

⇒      Financial Projections & Security Analysis 

⇒      Capital Efficiency, Investment Planning, Requirements Planning

⇒      Cash Flow & ROI Analysis

Payroll Management Service (Payroll Outsourcing)
SMS's Payroll, Benefits and Compliance Management vertical offers superior control through our best in class technology along with the convenience and peace of mind for GOSI filing and other Statutory Compliance services. SMS provides a solution which best suits client's need and meets the client's expectations.
The whole gamut of Payroll Management Service & Benefits includes: 
Payroll Processing: SMS's team of payroll experts and best in class technology allows us to do accurate monthly payroll processing of varying complexity for our clients across industry verticals.
Reimbursement Processing: SMS Payroll Vertical takes care of the complete gamut of reimbursements, whether CTC related reimbursements or Business related reimbursement for our clients.
Statutory Compliances: SMS assists companies with various statutory regulatory compliances. SMS assist clients dealing with government regulations through its strong country-wide network of associates.
Employee Self Service: The various features that Employee Self Service (ESS) supports are:
OneClick Pay-Slip email
Reimbursements processing help desk.
Comprehensive Reporting: Our comprehensive Payroll reports and Payroll Analytics aid clients in making more accurate business decisions 
Enhanced data security: SMS state of the art IT and security infrastructure ensures that your data is backed up on a regular basis and is secure 
Flexible & Customizable solutions.
Professional Business Management Solutions integrated with IT solutions.
Business Management Solution
SMS provides a holistic management approach focusing on aligning all aspects of an organization with the wants and needs of clients. We promote business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. SMS attempts to improve processes continuously. 
SMS enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach.
SMS can provide your organization with business value in a single solution that extends into every area of your operations to help you:
Improve productivity: Familiar, easy-to-use tools and access to Role Tailored information and tasks enable people to work quickly and make smart, proactive decisions
Manage change and growth: Scale your business systems and adapt processes easily with a single solution that can support your strategic initiatives and help manage change in the marketplace, such as new product launches and mergers and acquisitions.
Compete globally: Manage the complexities of a global organization with one centralized solution that helps you standardize processes and gain visibility across your organization while keeping on top of changes in local regulations.
Simplify compliance: Stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce risk and liability
associated with corporate governance and customer initiatives.
Project Management
SMS's Project Management Solution helps clients to successfully complete its projects, within budget and on schedule. The setting of Project goals, adhering to schedules and budgets need. Our Project Management Solutions gives a real World experience to help you complete your projects in the best manner possible: On time and On budget. Below are just a few of the Project Management Solution we provide.

⇒      Project Budget & Expenses Analysis

⇒      Project Planning, Inspections & Reporting

⇒      Project Material Procurement & Staffing

⇒      Project Problem Resolutions

⇒      Project Scheduling, Tracking & Supervision

⇒      Project Security Assessment
SMS provides comprehensive resource planning solution for organizations that empowers people to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally. It makes it easy to operate across locations and countries by standardizing processes, providing visibility across your organization, and helping to simplify compliance

Financial Performance Service
SMS Financial Performance Service delivers a thorough report with comprehensive analysis including text, graphs, ratio analysis, detailed industry comparisons, and common size statements. Our Comprehensive financial analysis gives the organization a complete picture of its financial health and how it compares with the competition. 
SMS's Industry Data and Analysis Provides a comprehensive, private company industry data platform, which includes Benchmarking/Industry Financial Data, Data Mining and IndustrySpecific Advice, including practical advice on how to improve performance in Sales, Profitability, and Liquidity.
Some of the Features include:
Detailed, easy-to-understand explanations delivered in a professionally packaged ten to fifteen-page report
Analysis of multiple financial ratios to ascertain your organization's true current financial standing
Industry scorecard and specific performance recommendations. Onsite presentation and a comprehensive consulting session with an experienced corporate finance veteran to explore opportunities and areas for improvement.
Complimentary organizational audit profile to assess other key performance area's within your
Primarily a reporting option, SMS's e.nalysis converts your financial data into a series of insight
full e-reports.
Additional Services
⇒      Strategic and Tactical Planning

⇒      Organizational Audits 

⇒      Organizational Design 

⇒      Business Process Development & Re-Engineering 

⇒      Financial ERP/Package Training 

⇒      Budgeting and Forecasting 

⇒      Cash Flow and Profit Management 

⇒      Hardware/Software/Network Evaluations

⇒      Deployment Management Services 

⇒      Project Feasibility

⇒      Financial Analysis & Database Management Projects Productivity Training

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