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Transaction Services

Corporate Development & Re-structuring
Our team is fully integrated both within our wider Transaction Advisory Services practice and our firm as a whole - and our clients reap the benefits of this broad range of knowledge, skills and experience. All of our restructuring professionals augment their technical knowledge with in-depth industry experience, so they understand the specific competitive environments in which our clients operate.
Our Services Include:
⇒      Corporate Development

⇒      Financial and operational restructuring

⇒      Sale of underutilized assets, such as patents or brands

⇒      Outsourcing of operations such as payroll and technical support to a more efficient third party

⇒      Financial advisory

⇒      LASER - Liquidations and Strategic Exit Routes

⇒      Formal insolvency processes
Business Startup or Company Formation Service
SMS provide the most comprehensive business formation, administration and management services available. With an extensive array of company services we help you to make your business easier and more efficient.
Below is a partial list of the services we provide. We provide many other business support
⇒      Advertising Placement, Ad Review & Marketing Material Design

⇒      Company Formation and Incorporation Services

⇒      Contract Creation and Review

⇒      Customer Service Assessments

⇒      Dispute Resolution

⇒      Disaster Prevention Surveys & Recovery

⇒      Employee Training (all business areas)
⇒      Invoice and Policy Review

⇒      Lawyer Selection & Litigation Consulting and Support

⇒      Location Selection & Market Research

⇒      Name Consulting and Protection

⇒      Negotiation Services

⇒      Procurement Assistance

⇒      Project Management

⇒      Security System Risk Assessments & Spot Checks

⇒      Trademark Registration
Facing challenge together “Many companies face challenges that present threats to financial performance and viability, regardless of past results or the strength of the market in which they operate. Often these threats result from financial and commercial market pressure stakeholder expectations and cash and capital constraints. Our market leading Restructuring practice can help address Negotiation Services these challenges. Whether our clients are corporates, stakeholders or lenders, We establish and help implement financial and organizational solutions to enable them to changing local and global economic concditions."
Business Valuation & Financial Analysis & Modeling
Business Valuation Financial modeling helps organizations assess the viability of existing business or new business ideas through a detailed financial planning process. Our competent financial models will assist you in evaluating different strategic initiatives and corporate transactions, their impact on company performance and shareholder value.
Our financial models are based on sound financial and commercial assumptions depending on the outputs of the exercise.
Our financial modeling services include:
⇒      Complex model streamlined for easy to use and analyze Projected financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement) 

⇒      Build an integrated set of financials, income statement, balance sheet and cash flows 

⇒      Financial statement analysis

⇒      Discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation 

⇒      Create DCF models and determine NPV at varying levels of cost of capital 

⇒      Building leveraged buyout models (LBO)

⇒      Sensitize LBO models based on various accounting and financing scenarios

⇒      Valuations (DCF, APV and multiples)

 ⇒      Net present value (NPV) calculations

⇒      Weighted average costs of capital (WACC), capital asset pricing model (CAPM)

⇒      Sensitivity analysis of EPS, WACC and long term growth

⇒      Determine ROE & RO 

⇒      Build IRR (internal rate of return) sensitivity analysis to evaluate financial sponsor returns

⇒      Monte Carlo simulation models

 ⇒      What if analysis
Financial Analysis
The primary focus of Accounting & Financial is the conversion of financial data into useful information for decision making. Therefore, virtually any use of financial statements or other financial data for some purpose is financial analysis and SMS specialize in providing services of comparative Financial Analysis, Financial Statement Analysis,  Accounting ratios, and Industry analysis.
 ⇒      Financial Research & Analysis

 ⇒      Corporate financial statements

 ⇒      Analysis of financial statements-monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports

 ⇒      Analysis of Portfolio structures

 ⇒      Analysis of Prospectus, Offer Documents

 ⇒      Ad-hoc reports, industry reports (fact books, competitor analysis)

 ⇒      Creation and maintenance of databases and libraries

 ⇒      Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis

 ⇒      Board of Directors and audit committee presentations on financial results, EHS compliance
Market Research & Feasibility Study
SMS feasibility study consultants conduct comprehensive industry, customer and competitor analyses in order to determine market opportunities. Our consultants then assess each of the opportunities, determine the optimal ones, and create action plans for effective market penetration
SMS feasibility study service provides multidimensions Business/Project Viability findings.
SMS places the findings of the Dimensions of Business Viability Model assessment into a formal business report.
Clear supporting evidence with its recommendations will be provided.
The strength of the recommendations can be weighed against the study ability to demonstrate the continuity that exists between the research analysis and the proposed business model.
A full business plan will be provided if a project is seen to be feasible from the results of the study.Hence reducing the cost of Business Plan
The Feasibility Study findings can be assessed by potential investors and stakeholders regarding their credibility and depth of argument.
Though Business and Market analysis will contribute considerably to the Feasibility Study, consideration will be given to using traditional business analysis techniques such as SWOT, Porters Five Forces and PEST. Although they may not provide information which is a perfect fit to all business models, they will provide a strong starting point for future analysis.
For the purposes of understanding SMS's structure of feasibility Study the following represents the framework of the Dimensions of Business Viability
 ⇒      Market Viability

 ⇒      Technical Viability

 ⇒      Business Model Viability

 ⇒      Management Model Viability

 ⇒      Economic and Financial Model Viability

 ⇒      Exit Strategy Viability

 ⇒      SMS unique feasibility study methodology is ideal for judging a new venture's prospects for SUCCESS.

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